The Auburn Business Incubator Virtual Client Program offers companies an opportunity to participate and benefit from an incubator setting without maintaining a physical presence within the Incubator. Companies that may participate in a virtual incubator program are typically home-based or have an office at another location. Each company must complete an application that will be reviewed by the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation (“ARTF”), the managing body of the Auburn Business Incubator (“ABI”). Virtual Clients are required to occupy office space as it becomes available.

The initial term of the Virtual Client Program Agreement will be 90 days; subsequently, this agreement, unless notified otherwise, will continue to renew automatically on a month to month basis. The cost of the Virtual Client Program will be $100.00 per month. Any additional services requested during each month will be billed according to a separate price list as they occur. A security deposit of $100.00 will be assessed at the start of the initial participation term. The security deposit will be held for the duration of participation in the program. Clients will be billed monthly by ARTF.


  • Business Address
  • Mail Management
  • Hold for pick-up
  • Company name displayed in directory
  • Company name listed on our website and fact sheet
  • 32 hours a month of shared office space
  • 8 hours a month of conference room/s use
  • Admittance to ABI networking events/workshops
  • Access to a high speed copy/print machine, fax machine, and scanner (15 cents per copy for black-and-white and color)
  • Wired and wireless network access
  • First option for permanent space

Admission Requirements:

  • Completion of an Application and related documents
  • Criteria Match
  • Business Plan submission with Financials
  • Final Approval

Applications will be accepted from companies that qualify as follows:

  • A start-up or early stage technology/knowledge-based company marketing products and/or services
  • The beginning of a sound management and/or product development team.
  • Sufficient capital to carry the business plan for at least a 12 month period.
  • Provides realistic financial projections.
  • A desire to leverage the services offered by the Auburn Business Incubator
  • Providers of support for clients in the incubator
  • The potential to achieve substantial growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Virtual Incubator?

The ABI Virtual Incubator offers companies an opportunity to participate and benefit from an incubator setting without maintaining a physical presence within the incubator.

2. How does a client sign up?

Any registered business subject to ABI approval can be a virtual client regardless of location. Interested parties should contact the Auburn Business Incubator by phone at (334)321-2250 or visit our website, www.auburnbusinessincubator.com.

3. How will the mail for the client be handled?

Mail can be sent to and received by the Auburn Business Incubator, 570 Devall Drive, Suite 303, Auburn, AL 36832. The ABI office assistant will pick up and separate the mail daily. All mail will be inserted into the appropriately assigned company boxes which are located in the kitchen/copy room of the Auburn Business Incubator.

4. Can clients use the ABI physical incubator?

Yes, all Virtual Clients will have access to ABI common areas subject to ABI approval. Virtual Clients will also have access to the conference rooms and a designated cubicle. Virtual Clients will not be issued an office key and/or AU affiliate card and will only be allowed to access the incubator Monday-Friday during normal business hours, 8 AM – 5 PM. No holiday, weekend or afterhours access is permitted. It is required that all Virtual Clients sign in with a designated ABI employee whenever using the incubator facilities.

5. How will clients utilize conference rooms and cubicles?

Conference rooms and cubicles are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis by contacting ABI office at 334-321-2250 (24 hour notice required). Virtual Clients are provided a monthly total of 8 hours of conference room time and 32 hours of time towards shared cubicle space. All overages and requests for additional conference room/cubicle use will be charged at per day rate of $25.00 for cubicle space and $50.00 for the use of a conference room.

6. How will clients utilize copy services and onsite wireless access?

Clients will be provided with an access code to be used for copying, faxing, and scanning. An ABI employee will download the high speed print driver to your computer and set as the default printer. A flat fee of 15 cents will be charged to all copy and print jobs (black-and-white and color).

Policies and Guidelines:

Virtual Client Program Policies and Guidelines
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