Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business incubator?
A business incubator program provides the environment the tools, and infrastructure required for new businesses to develop, sustain, and prosper within a certain time frame. The objective is for businesses to graduate once they develop solid financial standing. Businesses participating in an incubator setting are provided with multiple resources geared and specifically structured to assist with business development and growth. The small businesses that qualify and choose to start-up in an incubator setting provide themselves with the exceptional and distinct advantage of being able to network and share ideas with other companies in similar positions.
How do I apply?
Interested parties are able to apply online here or have the option of picking up an application packet at the Auburn Research Park, Building 570. For additional information concerning this process, please contact Phil Dunlap at 334.844.7462.
How is entry to the incubator determined?
  • Incubator personnel review all applications, and determine qualification on a case by case basis according to eligibility and requirements.
  • A company, not individual, will be accepted based upon the review of an application; all interested businesses are required to complete and submit an application.
How long does a business typically stay in an incubator setting?
2 - 4 years
Do I need a business plan?
A business plan is not required to qualify for admittance into the incubator program; however, a business plan should be developed within the first year.
Will the Auburn Business Incubator write the business plan for me?
No, but the incubator will help link you with assistance in developing a business plan.
What does Auburn Business Incubator expect from me as a client/tenant?
  • Client must show progressive growth in business development
  • The client must adhere to the terms of the lease and the policies and procedures as described in the Tenant Handbook and Building Manual.